Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Heeled Arch Support Insoles Cork and EVA


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The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Heeled Arch Support Insoles
The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds were built off of the original Birkenstock Sandals & Footwear for a familiar foot comfort feel & orthotic arch support for your everyday shoes. Ideal for Men’s & Women’s athletic, casual, and dress shoes. If you want the Birkenstock Sandal feel with the raised Metatarasal Pad, then the Birkenstock Blue Heeled Footbed Insoles are the answer.
The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Supports provide a deep heel cup for natural cushioning and shock absorption, natural contoured arch support for longitudinal medial arch support, and a metatarsal support with a gentle raised platform for raising toes into the natural position.
The Birkenstock Blue Heeled Footbeds are ideal for a Neutral to High foot arch, shoes with heels up to 1 1/2 inches, and/or first time Birkenstock Insole Wearer’s looking for the Original Birkenstock Sandals feel. Also available in a Birkenstock Blue Wide Heeled Footbed and a Narrow Heeled Footbed Style. For those seeking a neutral to high arch support, the Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Heeled Arch Support can be worn in a non-heeled athletic, casual, and dress show too. For Non-Heeled Shoes or Boots and/or Low to Neutral Arched Feet, Consider the Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Supports.
The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds are constructed of Birkenstock’s patentedly unique blend of natural cork lined “BirkoCork”, moleskin bottom, and a hypo-allergenic 100% blue silk lined top-coat.
Features & Benefits:

Orthotic Arch Design: Provides proper foot alignment and balances out foot impact areas for shock absoption, reduced foot fatigue, and potential of increased footwear life.

Ideal for Heeled Shoes & Boots Up to 1.5 inchs, neutral to high arched feet, and/or those seeking the Original BirkenStock Sandal Feel.

100% Silk Lining: Soft Silky Smooth Top Coat that absorbs and wicks away moisture

BirkoCork: Cork and EVA construction provides flexibility and absorbs impact shock

Moleskin: Anti-Slip bottom coat increases durability and protects BirkoCork for longivity of footbed life

Moderate Flanges: Raised side flanges aid in controling foot movement and stability

Deep Heel Cup: Provides natural cushioning, shock absorption, and protects the heel bone for foot pain relief

Hand Washable

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