Candle Making Kit, Deluxe Candle Making Supplies, DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day, Including Pouring Pot, Beeswax, Color Dye, Fragrance Oil, Thermometer, Candle Tins, Molds, Wicks, Stickers, Wicks Holders



  • 🎁Complete Candle Making Kit: This candle making kit comes with 95 pieces accessories, including 1*600ml Stainless Steel Pouring Pot, 4*200g Beeswax, 6*Candle Wick Bases, 1*Mixing Spoon, 12*2.5Oz Candle Tins, 5*Silicone Candle Molds, 2*56 piece glue dots, 100*4.9 Cotton Wicks, 1*Thermometer, 6*Fragrance Oil, 6* Dye Blocks, 1*User Manual, 12 Pieces Marking Labels. Complete Candle Set is ideal for beginners and adults to diy different scented and colored candles.
  • 🌺Develop A Skill of Making Candles: Making scented candles seems a difficult skill, with this complete candle set, you can easily learn to how to finish it and make it become your hobby, make full of your imagination to create more style of candles, and show your skill to your families and friends, they will proud of you! You can also cultivate hands-on skills with lovers and make each other closer.
  • 💗Easy to Make Scented Candles: Everything is difficult at the beginning, but making candles is very simple and safe to operate, let your creativity shine! Whether you are a beginner or a professor of making candles, our BeyTyKy candle making supplies will guard you to make your unique and personal scented candles by the step-by-step user manual, enjoy the handmade crafts and you will fall in love with it!
  • 🌹6 Kinds of Fragrance Oil: Welcome to BeyTyKy handmade candles world! These fragrance oil are make of natural plant, safe, smile and natural, including Rose, Vanilla, Lavender, Lemon, Fig and the fragrance we researched that called”Spring”. Make your home fragrance and bright; Treat yourself with scented candles to a relaxing, enjoyable activity; Make your favorite shape of candles and fill your surrounding aroma that will boost your peace of mind and will bring you calmness to your domain.
  • 😊Made of Natural Beeswax: Our candle making kit is made of beeswax, which means that it has a lower melting point, a harder texture, and will not deform, break or melt easily, it burns for several hours. Notice: please add fragrance oil according to personal taste, package come with marking labels so that you can make a thank you gift for families and friends in every festival.

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