Clearly Adjustable Heel Lif (S,M,L) 


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Clearly Adjustable Heel Lif (S,M,L) 

The Clearly Adjustable Heel lifts are a superior heel lift versus the standard heel lifts that are made out of cork or foam. These inserts mold to your shoe for added comfort and provide long lasting stability -that will not compress under your weight. You can also use them with an existing insole or orthotic. They are sold individually for those whom only need one for leg length variances. Order two for all other foot-care needs. Ideal Heel Lifts for athletic, casual, and dress shoes, boots, and sandals too. Adjusting the lift: Layers allow lift from 1 to 12mm or a top height lift of 0.4724 inches (just under 1/2 inch) . Layers will change elevation by 1 mm with simple removal of one layer per 1mm. Staged heel height lifting for gradual accommodation. *Easily customized by trimming with scissors or a razor blade HEEL LIFT SIZES: SMALL: For Ladies Shoe’s up to a Size 7.5 and Men’s up to a Size 6 and/or heel width up to 2 1/8. MEDIUM: For Ladies Shoe’s up to a Size 8 to 10 and Men’s Size 6.5 to 8.5 and/or heel width up to 2 3/8. LARGE: For Ladies Shoe’s of 10.5 and Larger and Men’s Size 9 and up and/or heel width up to 2 3/4 Also Ideal Size for Sandals.

Patented design for heel elevation, not a pad or cushion that will compress under-weight.

  • *Firm multi-layered material reduces heel rubbing in shoe.
  • Long constant slope supports the arch and avoids bridging the heel and ball of the foot, reducing arch stress.
  • Durable clear vinyl material conforms but does not compress, retaining its height even with extended use.
  • Transparent material can be used with sandals

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