Direct Candle Supply – Fully Refined Household Paraffin Wax – Pure Wax for Candle Making, Canning, Waterproofing, Furniture/Metal Preservation and Spa, Hand Treatments (1 lb) Melt Point 130F



  • ◆CANDLE MAKING 101: Paraffin is excellent for any candle application, melt in double boiler (preferred), pour into container with centered cotton or wood wick. Add fragrance or Dyes – Makes great scented candles, create your candle kit,. Like any pure paraffin wax, this wax will tend to shrink when cooled, you might have to re pour . Full Specs: MP -130-135 F, 0.5% Oil Content, Color +30 Saybolt,
  • ◆VERSATILITY: Everything from candle making, crayon crafting, other crafts, food coating, therapeutic uses, leather/wood maintenance, bottle sealing, lubricant for drawers, zippers, sport equipment, waterproofing all sorts of clothing equipment.
  • ◆OUR EXPERT’S RECOMMENDATIONS: This wax will work great in any candle. Natural mottle can be amplified by adding dyes or fragrance. We recommend no more than 5% fragrance load or oil will bleed, so for 1 lb. of wax use 1oz of fragrance oil. Use dyes to color. For higher fragrance loads, blend this wax 50/50 with Soy Wax or add a polymer additive, micro wax, or a bit of beeswax. For wax melts or tarts, we suggest mixing with Soy or Coco blend. Wax is transparent when liquid
  • ◆OUR COMPANY: We are a Texas based small business that’s been in the candle making industry for over 25 years. Our experts have worked at large multinational refineries and have travelled the world sourcing the best candle waxes and blended waxes possible. We have dedicated a lifetime to create the highest quality wax and candles ! Shipping from the Hearts of Gulf of Texas!

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