HomeBuddy Belly Cast Kit Pregnancy – DIY Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit for Expecting Moms, Unique Keepsake Pregnancy Casting Belly Kit, Belly Cast Kit Gift with Decorating Kit and Beely Painting Kit



  • 💛 SAFE – The plaster cloths used in this kit are medical-grade & safe for a pregnant belly. With the HomeBuddy belly cast kit, pregnancy keepsakes can be safely created right from the comfort of your home!
  • 👌 EASY TO USE – This easy to create belly casting kit comes with detailed instructions as well as a step-by-step demo video. It’s simple enough to do by yourself, although a helping hand may be useful. And! Cleaning up after creating casting keepsakes is a breeze!
  • 🎨 DECORATING KIT – The HomeBuddy pregnancy casting belly kit comes with different-colored glitter & other tools for decorating your pregnancy cast. Turn it into a piece of art & proudly display it in your home!
  • 🎉 PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWERS – Use it as a gift or part of the decor! No matter the need, we’ve got you covered with this belly molding kit! Pregnancy and showers will be so much more fun.
  • 🎁 MEANINGFUL GIFT – This pregnancy belly casting kit is one of the best pregnant mom gifts for a soon-to-be mom! Fun & enjoyable for everyone involved, this DIY plaster casting kit is a thoughtful way to create a memento that will always celebrate this significant milestone!