Kids’ Pedag Bambini Childrens Arch Support


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The Pedag Bambini Childrens Arch Support promotes the healthy development of your child’s feet. The first steps we take in our lives might be the hardest, but they are also the most exiting for everyone. When our children start walking longer distances, it is important to give their little feet strong hold and grip in their shoes.

Familiar across Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the US, Pedag is known for the use of high quality natural materials, anatomically correct orthotics, comfort and relaxed lifestyle.

Pedag Bambini Childrens Arch Support Kid’s Insole

Features include:

3/4 Length foot bed made of vegetable tanned leather
Foot bed is flexible and highly adaptive which strengthens the foot’s muscular apparatus
Upper surface is made of natural, absorbent materials which provide reliable hygiene, keep the foot dry and allow it to breathe inside the shoe
Keeps the foot in a natural, balanced position.
Actively protects the ankle joint
Counteracts the deflection and deformation of the longitudinal arch thereby effectively preventing the development of flat feet
Supporting material is flexible and adaptive thereby strengthening the foot’s muscular apparatus

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