KIWI 100% Horsehair 5.75″ Shoe Shine Brush




Soft, natural 100% horsehair for a brilliant shoe shine. KIWI SELECT Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush is made of soft, natural bristles for buffing up paste or cream shoe polish to a brilliant professional shine. The sturdy wooden handle is easy to grip and keeps hands clean. Not only is this brush perfect for initial polishing, but is also great for restoring a shine by buffing up between shoe shines. Brush dimensions: 5.75″ X 1.8″ X 1.7″.

For a brilliant shine follow the easy steps below:

1. Remove excess dirt or dust with a soft cloth.
2. Apply paste polish evenly over the shoe with a polish applicator.
3. Allow the polish to dry while applying polish to the other shoe.
4. Brush the first shoe with a Kiwi Select 100% horsehair shine brush. Repeat for other shoe.
5. Buff both shoes to a shine with the Kiwi Select shine cloth. 6. For an extra brilliant shine, apply another light coating of polish, sprinkle with water, and buff again with the shine cloth. 7. For fast touch-ups between shines, just re-buff with the Kiwi Select shine cloth.