KIWI Men’s Refreshin’ Soles


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KIWI Men’s Refreshin’ Soles absorbent Terry Cloth Top Cloth Perforated/Breathable. Powder Fresh – Thin Design Soft Cushion Bottom Layer with Impact Absorbing Foam. Feel refreshed in any shoe. Kiwi Refreshin’ Soles are constructed of a perforated cushioning material with microencapsulated fragrance for freshness. Top layer of terry cloth helps keep feet dry and fresh. The impact absorbing foam provides cushion for comfort while absorbing moisture. Also available in Women’s sizes: Women’s Refreshin’ Soles

Directions: Place KIWI Men’s Refreshin’ Soles into your shoes on top of your existing lining, foam side down. If desired, remove your existing lining and insert. If necessary cut along the outline of the underside of the insert to match your shoe size, or use your original insoles as a guide.