Ladies Professional High Heel shoe stretcher

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This hardwood shoe stretcher stretches tight shoes for a perfect fit and includes (1) insert for extra spot stretching. The stretcher will return the comfort and fit to your favorite shoes. One stretcher works for right and left shoes.

Also see Shoe Stretch Spray to use with the shoe stretcher to help make tight fitting shoes comfortable!
Available Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

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Determine the specific area in the shoe that needs stretching. Insert the bunion attachment into the corresponding hole in the stretcher. If the entire shoe needs more width, use the stretcher without the bunion attachment.

Insert the stretcher into the shoe and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher has expanded against the sides of the shoe. Next, SLOWLY turn the handle clockwise but not more than TWO turns. Leave in under tension overnight. Try the shoe and if more relief is needed, repeat the process.

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