Pedag Brilliant Polishing Glove


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The Pedag Brilliant Polishing Glove With the polishing glove, polishing shoes will become a sensual experience. The pedag BRILLANT shoe polishing glove is the perfect finish for all kinds of leather care. Not only does the glove of soft lambskin and genuine leather effectively polish your shoes, but it makes polishing shoes become a truly sensual experience. The glove covers your entire hand so that the fur can gently nestle against the shoe and helps you polish even the most hidden parts. At the same time, your hands stay clean and hygienic.

Familiar across Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the US, Pedag is known for the use of high quality natural materials, anatomically correct orthotics, comfort and relaxed lifestyle.

Pedag Brilliant Polishing Glove Shoe Cleaner

Features include:

Made of real lambskin (shearling)
Lined with leather
Makes buffing a pleasure!