Pedag Princess Women’s Foot Leather Cushion


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The Pedag Princess Forefoot Leather Cushion is made of breathable leather and contains activated carbon that makes your feet feel fresh and hygienic. The leather surface of our insole absorbs the sweat produced by your feet, while the active carbon kills bacteria and thus neutralises unpleasant odours. Give your feet a soft and comfortable feel and take care of your shoes and socks – with the half sole pedag PRINCESS.

Familiar across Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the US, Pedag is known for the use of high quality natural materials, anatomically correct orthotics, comfort and relaxed lifestyle.

Pedag Princess Forefoot Leather Cushion Women’s Insole

Features include:

  • Forefoot cushion
  • Shoes loose in the forefoot fit better
  • Shoes and stockings last longer.
  • Made of vegetable tanned sheepskin with cushioning of latex foam
  • Active carbon keeps shoe smelling fresh


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