PEdag Self Shine Wo Polishing 75 ML 


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Pedag Self Shine Wo Polishing 75 ML

This item is suitable for shoes with high tech membranes because it does not clog the pores and the shoe material continues to breathe High-quality shoes made of smooth leather look best when they are brilliant and shiny. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that provided your shoes with instant shine without polishing? Well, there is something. pedag SELFSHINE is a moisturising lotion that makes your expensive shoes and other smooth surfaces shine as if by magic. There is no need for polishing! Before applying pedag SELFSHINE for the first time, clean and protect your shoes with our pedag FOAM CARE. Pedag SELFSHINE does not only provide your shoes with polish-free shine, but it also refreshes their color, as it is available in different shades. It also contains rich lanolin that nourishes the leather. No matter how often you wear your shoes, pedag SELFSHINE makes them look as if they were new!

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