Pedag Unisex Comfort Leather Insole


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The Pedag Comfort Leather Insole is the perfect support for fallen arches and splayfeet: equipped with a heel pad that absorbs impact shocks in flat shoes. If you suffer from a splayfoot, you know how painful this can be: there is a burning sensation in the ball of your foot, your forefoot hurts badly. When walking longer distances, your feet quickly become fatigued. Splayfeet are caused by a flattened latitudinal arch that provokes the pressure to concentrate in certain areas of the foot causing more and more pain.

Familiar across Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the US, Pedag is known for the use of high quality natural materials, anatomically correct orthotics, comfort and relaxed lifestyle.

Pedag Comfort Leather Unisex Insole

Features include:

3/4 length insert for very flat metatarsal arch
T-form metatarsal pad prevents & alleviates pain caused by flattened metatarsal arch
Extra soft heel padding for even more comfort.
Made of vegetable tanned leather and hypoallergenic latex
Water (not petroleum) based adhesives
Ideal to wear in any flat shoes

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