Pedag Unisex Soft Flip Gel Sandal Pads


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The Pedag Soft Flip Sandal Pads are soft gel cushions for pain-free walking in flip-flops.

Familiar across Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the US, Pedag is known for the use of high quality natural materials, anatomically correct orthotics, comfort and relaxed lifestyle.

Pedag Soft Flip Sandal Pads Unisex Insoles

Features include:

Article No. 178
Invisible gel forefoot cushion for sandals with toe posts, such as Flip Flops and Thongs and even elegant evening wear.
Gel surrounds the toe post and prevents rubbing and abrasion
Forefoot cushion prevents burning in the stressed balls of the foot
Self adhesive and removable
Hand washable.
Remove protective film from bottom of Soft Flip. Put in sandal. If adhesive property fades simply rinse in clean water.
One Size fits All
In spring and summer, almost all women wear flip-flops and other kinds of sandals with toe posts. But after a long winter, your toes are not used to the post rubbing against the first and second toes – painful blisters can be the result. pedag SOFT FLIP will stop this from happening. Pedag SOFT FLIP covers the toe post with a soft and cushioning gel, protecting the delicate skin between the toes. At the same time, it is absolutely invisible. Additionally, pedag SOFT FLIP softly cushions the forefoot, preventing the balls from overpronation and burning. pedag SOFT FLIP – for relaxed walking, even in flip-flops. By the way: if pedag SOFT FLIP does not adhere to your shoe anymore, you don’t have to throw it away. pedag SOFT FLIP is washable! Just rinse with water. When it is clean, pedag SOFT FLIP will securely stick to your shoe again.