Pedifix 3-Layer Toe Separators


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If you experience the pain of overlapping toes rubbing together or toes that are crooked than the Pedifix 3-Layer Toe Separators is right for you. The Pedifix 3-Layer Toe Separator aids with the reduction of blisters, pinching, toe cramps and corns that are formed when the toes overlap. The 3-Layer cushion gently separates the toes and reduces any pressure that was created. Available in 3 sizes as well as a mixture of all three sizes. Package of six 3-layer foam cushions per package.

  • Manufacturer: PediFix, Inc.
  • Product Name: PediFix 3-Layer Toe Separators
  • Product Number: P280
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large
  • Packaging: 6 cushions per package

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