Pedifix Visco-Gel Toe Spacers – 2 each


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  • Soft Gel Spacers separate the big and second toe to maintain proper alignment, prevent rubbing and relieve pressure on bunions
  • The vitamin-enriched Gel releases mineral oil to soothe and moisturize skin
  • PediFix Visco Gel Toe Spacers help to spread overlapping toes that are commonly caused by bunions and hammer toes but can also caused by other foot and toe deformities
  • PediFix Visco Gel Toe Spacers are made from Pedifix’s proprietary M-Gel; a very soft mineral oil impregnated thermoplastic elastomer gel
  • Interchangeable on right or left foot
  • Straighten & align problem toes
  • Relieve pressure on bunion joint
  • Separate & cushion toes that rub, absorb friction
  • Washable, reusable, effective for months
  • Sold 2 per package


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