(Rare) KIWI Shoe Care Kit 100TH ANNIVERSARY (Limited Edition Tin)




Celebrating a Century of Shoe Care. Continuing the tradition that has made KIWI America’s favorite shoe polish, we present the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Classic Shoe Care Kit. KIWI takes special pride in crafting this kit, which is comprised of all the tools you need to keep your shoes shined and protected. The waxes in the paste polish are top quality and blended carefully to give just the right shine and protection. The brushes and daubers are made with 100% horsehair so they gently, yet thoroughly, massage polish into the leather’s pores. And the polishing cloths provide a soft but durable means to buff shoes for brilliance only KIWI can deliver. A century of shine and still going strong… The KIWI legacy lives on. Year after year the KIWI Classic Shoe Care Kit has been a favorite gift and collector’s item. This 100th Anniversary Limited Edition was inspired by the vintage origins of the KIWI Brand which has withstood the test of time and become an American Classic. We honor the tried-and-true tradition of caring for shoes by presenting products that will keep users looking sharp for the next hundred years!

Each KIWI Shoe Care Kit 100TH ANNIVERSARY Contains:

– (2) tins of KIWI Paste Polish – Black & Brown (1 1/8th oz ea.)
– (2) 100% Horsehair Brushes
– (2) Dauber Applicators
– (2) Soft Shine Cloths
– Decorative Tin

Additional info

Look polished for life’s special moments! In keeping with the KIWI tradition, our Classic Shoe Polish Kit has all the tools proven to provide the best care for shoes both old and new. Directions: Simply apply desired color polish (Black or Brown) to leather of shoe with a round dauber brush and allow to dry. Bring to a shine with a rectangular horsehair brush and buff with one of two polishing cloths. For an extra high shine, apply another light coat, sprinkle with water and buff again. We recommend using one dauber and brush for black polish and the other set for brown polish to keep your shoes looking their best. KIWI – keeping tradition alive for more than 100 years!