Rochester #RCT8951Men’s Ultimate Cedar Shoe Tree


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Help your shoes last longer, smell better, keep their shape and stay drier with these shoe trees made from real cedar

Extend the life of your fine leather footwear with these Men”s cedar wood shoe trees! What”s good for your shoes is good for your feet. These natural, adjustable, hinged cedar shoe trees will keep your feet happy by keeping your footwear dry and in shape. Designed to keep shoes smelling fresh, feeling comfortable, looking good and lasting longer, without the use of harsh chemical deodorizers. Set of 2 pairs of trees per package (enough for 2 pairs of shoes). Naturally aromatic cedar wood shoe shapers help prevent creases and keep leather in good condition, extending the life of your shoes. Cedar”s unique wicking action quickly absorbs foot moisture, acid and salts, thereby reducing cracking and deterioration. Smoothes out linings and insoles, making shoes more comfortable to wear. A necessary luxury! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.


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