Simond Store Rolling Mill Machine, 3 Inch (76 mm), 7 Rollers Combination Manual Rolling Mill for Jewelry Making, Tabletting Jewelry Tool for Metal Sheet and Wire



  • Dimensions: Rolling Mill Machine (220 X 190 X 300 mm), Metal Rollers (76 x 41 mm).
  • Rigid Materia: Jewelry rolling mill machine is made from precision machined steel Components and Gear for ultimate strength and long lasting usage. Rollers are made of steel. It is hardened approximately 60 HRC for superior deformation resistance.
  • Effective Functional Design: Rolling mill’s Gear Ratio is 3.15:1and Depth per Rotation of Starting: 0.86 mm. It has adjustable ‘T’ shaped handle to maintain gap between rollers. It is also comes with forged single piece handle without any joints.
  • Texture Variants: This cold rolling mill machine comes along with total number of 7 rollers in which 2 are Flat Rollers, 2 are with Patterns, and 2 are with Wire Groove Rollers and 1 half round and V groove. It has maximum apertures of 4mm. These rolls are mounted in the housing parallel to each other.
  • Effortless and Convenient: This rolling mill crafted from quality steel with minimal joints, increases its strength and durability. The forged handle on the side with comfortable grip brings convenient operations and saves labor. The ‘T Shaped Handle’ in between two rollers allows you to set distance between rollers as per required texture of applications. It is used for jewelry making from soft metal sheet and wire like gold, silver and copper.

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