Tacco Deluxe Insole – Black


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Tacco Deluxe Arch Supports are thin, light arch supports with a metatarsal pad. The Tacco Deluxe Arch Support has a thin, medium height, semi rigid plastic support piece with a soft cushioned metatarsal bump to support the balls of the feet. The plastic arch support is coved with a special cushion pad that is impregnated with activated charcoal to help absorb odor. Finally the Tacco Deluxe arch support and cushion pad is toped off with genuine leather top cover for added comfort.Tacco Deluxe arch supports are one of the only arch supports available for under $30.00 that has a built in metatarsal support. This means that Tacco Deluxe arch supports effectively support the medial, lateral and metatarsal arch. The metatarsal arch is created from a firm, teardrop shaped foam pad that is glued to the top of the plastic arch support (but underneath the cushion cover). Tacco Deluxe arch supports can be used in and will fit into almost any shoe but because they are so thin they are particularly useful in dress and casual shoes because they will not change the fit of the shoe. Tacco Deluxe arch supports are a great “first pair” arch support for people that need arch supports but have never worn them before. They also make for a great second or tertiary pair, for shoes that just can’t accommodate your primary pair of arch supports.

Grants Each Foot Extra Cushioning
◦Relaxes Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments
This Arch Support Fits Nicely in all Footwear
◦Genuine Top Grain Leather to Provide Comfort and Natural Perspiration Absorption
◦Base Internal Support is Constructed from a Strong, Thin and Lightweight Polymer

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