UOOU 46Pcs Leather Craft Tools Kit Leather Working Tools Basic Leather Sewing Repair kit Waxed Thread Prong Punch Snaps and Rivets Kit Hand Sewing Needles Awl for Leather Shoes Bag Belt Repairing



  • LeatherCraft Tools Kit Included: The LeatherCraft tool kit includes: 7 needles, 5× flat wax rope, 1x rubber hammer, 4× awl, 4x edge cut, 10 pairs of snap buttons, 4x installation tools, 3×× frosted strips, 3× wool applicator, 2 × Finger cots, 1x sanding rod, 1× thimble, and 1xmanual.
  • Leather Snaps and Rivets Kit – Our snap fastener kit with snap fasteners and setting tool that connects the fasteners to the material, lets you easily repair broken fasteners instead of having to replace the damaged item. Use this kit to repair fasteners on canvas, tarpaulins, tents, awnings, sailcloth, lawn furniture, clothing, leather, pool covers, and more.
  • Durable Leather Thread for Sewing – Wax threads of different colors-5 rolls of wax threads of different colors, black, dark coffee, dark gray, natural, natural white; size: 30m long; richer choices, you can match more colors of leather and fabrics. Waxed thread is a regular thread with a coat of wax. Used for dream catchers, basket weaving, beading, bookbinding, tents, necklaces, weaving, gourd crafting, furniture upholstery, watch straps, and etc.
  • High-Quality Stitching Prong Punch – Our Leathercraft tool includes 6 prongs / 4 prongs / 2 prongs /1 prongs leather hole toolset. High strength steel, polished and smooth handle, good wear and impact resistance, not easily twisted and broken, a sharp tooth helps to punch quickly and effortlessly, it can punch even and neat leather holes, easy to pull out.
  • Easy To Start Your Leathercraft – This is a good leathercraft tool kit for a beginner trying to get enough tools to get start DIY leatherwork, that can meet your basic needs for leather craft, clothing, handbags, canvas, webbing, jacket and etc. You can also prepare this leather kit as a product for your friends, husband, family members, craft man who loves leatherworking or DIY leathercraft.